Sunday, 29 January 2017

The How and Why of Perfume Oil

The Moth Man has gorgeous skin. Caramel is its ground state, he looks sun-kissed even after prolonged solar avoidance. By contrast, the Moth Woman is pale verging on pasty.

Colour is not the only point upon which our skins differ though. The Moth Man's skin does for fragrance what Victoria’s Secret angels do for lingerie. Every scent wears magnificently on him, becoming more effusive and acting the way its creator intended. Everything has so much longevity on him. My skin, on the hand, eats alcohol based fragrance. Most things fail to linger around long enough even to evolve. Only those scents with reputations for formidable staying power, such as Opium, survive me.

Formula affects longevity. Alcohol based fragrances, once the initial evaporation has occurred, cling to the skin effectively but fade over time, sometimes quite rapidly. Oil based on the other hand don't cling well but they mostly do not fade much either.

This is why I tend to wear perfume oil. Even on my skin, oil based fragrances can last for twelve hours or more. There is a trick to applying them for maximum longevity though. You need to choose locations where they will not be inadvertently wiped off during routine activities. These vary somewhat from the application sites typically recommended for alcohol based scents. The following are the places I find work best in order of usefulness:

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