Saturday, 25 March 2017

Alkemia Green Carnation: Review

Sydney Long, Sadder than a Single Star that Sets at Twilight in a Land of Reeds

Behind the pines, the sky is turning blue-pink. You shiver as you wander, lost in thought. Suddenly music, distant, at the very edge of your hearing. It comes and goes but never enough for you to recognise the tune. Something green darts between the trees ahead of you...

You do not wear Alkemia Green Carnation (AGC); it haunts you. This fragrance is the best bunch of the eponymous flower you have ever encountered in spectral form. You can almost smell the velveteen nature of the petals.

The Moth Woman loves carnation very much. She has very pleasant memories of carnation. Sadly, carnation, as a perfume note, is wildly out of fashion, relegated to the increasing pile of things labelled old woman smells. IFRA has regulated the ingredients needed to make a decent carnation fragrance almost out of existence, so good renditions are getting rarer, furthering the note’s unpopularity. AGC is, therefore, a thing out of its time, so of course, this makes the Moth Woman love it more.

This is an uncomplicated fragrance verging on a soliflore; this is one of its charms. It opens with something sharply green and herbal, suggesting the freshly snapped stems of the blooms, accompanied by bay and carnation. Within ten minutes, carnation alone remains but what a carnation it is, super naturalistic, 3D vivid. At three hours, a nice soapy note creates a duet. The longevity runs to about twelve hours. In terms of featured notes, pretty much unchanged from the three-hour mark.
It is worth noting that this fragrance needs a far longer than usual rest period; a full month. It does not smell different in terms of notes before that time, it just lacks persistence and vigour. Rest, then enjoy.

In some ways, finding this scent was like opening a book and finding a letter from a long-dead lover. AGC plucks at the Moth Woman's heart strings. The pleasure in this scent is not just in its ability to evoke nostalgia. AGC is a highly wearable scent. The Moth Woman has bought a full bottle and recommends you do too.
AGC is available for purchase here.

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